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Welcome to Corporate Four Insurance Agency.

Your trusted partner for all your insurance needs

A trusted provider of insurance services for over 38 years in Minnesota. As an independent agency, we have the flexibility to offer a wide range of insurance options from over 100 top-rated carriers tailored to meet your specific needs.

We know that choosing the right insurance coverage can be overwhelming, and therefore, we prioritize building solid relationships with our customers. As your trusted consultant, we aim to make you confident in our ability to provide personalized insurance solutions.

We are dedicated to offering our customers the best insurance options at a competitive price, which is why we work with top-rated insurance companies to find the appropriate coverage that meets your unique requirements.

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We are experienced, reliable and professional.

Corporate Four Insurance Agency, located in Edina, MN, is committed to providing high-quality services. With our team's extensive industry experience, we understand that good customer service and expert guidance are essential to your satisfaction.
Corporate Four Insurance Agency

Personal Insurance

Corporate Four Insurance, based in Edina, MN, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your financial well-being by offering personal insurance solutions. These insurance policies not only provide financial security but also ensure the protection of your valuable assets.

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Business Insurance

Based in Edina, MN, Corporate Four Insurance understands the importance of business insurance. Their comprehensive coverage helps protect your company from potential lawsuits and financial losses, ensuring stability and peace of mind.

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Corporate Four Insurance - Edina, MN

Health Insurance

Corporate Four Insurance, based in Edina, MN, provides reliable health insurance plans that protect against unforeseen medical expenses. With their coverage, you can have peace of mind and financial security when it comes to your healthcare needs.

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The Advantages of Working with Us

Here are few reasons you should work with an Independent Insurance Agency

One-stop shopping experience

You will be able to find multiple companies and wide options


Switch without hassle and find the most suitable insurance


We don’t represent one company and can give you multiple options to choose from


Higher quality customer care than big corporate companies


We help all the way from policy reviews to claims assistance

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Insurance Coverage

Home Insurance Coverage
Renters Insurance Coverage
Business Owner Coverage
Employees & Families Coverage
Adult Day Care Coverage

Home Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

You return from a family vacation to discover thieves have stolen electronic equipment from your media room.


If your possessions are stolen, damaged or destroyed in an insured loss, your home insurance coverage can help replace them, up to the policy’s stated limits.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Risk Factors

On an especially gusty day, strong winds push a small potted plant off your apartment’s balcony and onto a neighbour who is passing below. He is seriously bruised, and decides to sue.


Renters liability coverage under renters insurance may help if you’re responsible for an injury to someone outside your household.

Business Owner Coverage

Risk Factors

A business owner would require to take various types of insurance coverage to cover each risk. This can cost them more if they take it separately.


A business owner policy packages all the required coverage a business owner would need. BOPs often include business interruption, property, vehicle, liability, and crime insurance. Typically, a business owner will save money by choosing a BOP because the bundle of services often costs less than the total cost of all the individual coverage.

Employees & Families Coverage

Risk Factors

When an employee gets disabled due to an accident or a disease, they may keep thinking about the medical expenses and lose their peace of mind.


It replaces some or all employees' income during disability to keep them focused on recovery and returning to work.

Adult Day Care Coverage

Risk Factors

You may have to pay them for their services from your pocket if you hire a caregiver.


Policies may cover community care, which usually means adult day care, so you don’t need to pay them all by yourself.

What Our Client Say

  • We switched insurance companies as we were paying way to much for our insuranc. Megan saved us over $1500 a year with better coverage than what we had. Meghan is always there when we have questions and always goes above and beyond for us.

    Krista DesMarais

  • Meghan is the best! She's an insurance agent who will always consider your needs as a client & work to find the best fit for you. So thankful to have an agent I can rely on!

    Taylor Janning

  • Erik Johnson and Ivan Escalante have been amazing to work with. I have used Erik for more then 25 years and have followed him from his last agency. I highly recommend there service and honesty!

    Christopher Petersen

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We extend coverage to individuals and businesses in Edina, MN and surrounding areas.
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We extend coverage to individuals and businesses in Edina, MN and surrounding areas.
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